Silente: the inner dialogue

An Art born from an enchanted and astonished eye that despite the speed of the contemporary world , is able to  stop and contemplate the enshrouding show , inviting  and sharing  who look  to an intimistic contemplative experience.

Saturday 23 october at 6 pm opens the personal show of Karen Wilberding Diefenbach  ’ Silente’, at Aria  Art Gallery in Florence. Sculptures, paintings and drawings that portray the flora and the fauna of the tuscany landscape with a visionary and contemporary sensibilità. Prosaic subjects become symbols of an emotive and reflective route that the artist enact to stop the observer fora n instant. 

Imagine a woman, an artist that has lived for many years in the most frenetic places, and one day find herself in a colonic house near Camaiore,surrounded by an  unexpected bucolic scenary, fashinating for his being so far away from the metropolitan world.

This is the autobiographical experience that has inspired, from ten years, Karen Wilberding Diefenbach works. An artist that was born and trained in the United States, and has been enchanted by the Tuscany landscape. The rural environment – made of sheep herds, Majestic walnuts, ancient olive trees…- has become part of her life. Impressed by the natural flowing of the time, beated by the seasons  biorythm and by those animal figures and trees that seam to  explain a lost eternity, Diefenbach has started since the beginnign to transform in art her personal immaginative vision.

Her sculptures are born from this sense of wonder, they are realized with  craftsman expertise, moving from bas-reliefs to volumetric depth, and the mixed media paintings on paper and the oil on canvas , where the tree shake and the animals come to life spontaneously.

With this show, the observers canlive a primigenial sense of life, through subjects that are both real and distant from the collective imagination. The vision of this works would be a reflexive and emotive path as well, because the artist is not interested only in the realistic  transposition scenery but mainly on stopping the time of the observer. For this reason, the bronze Pecore present a neck empathically stretched, the linear and gnarled shake have been accentuated to establish an estetic and conceptual dialogue with the long branches trees that lives in the hills.

The titles are very important, taken from musical notations: Adagio, Nobile… because they spark off a  specific mood. The observer will have to share an existencial feeling: between eternity and elusiveness, nobility and melancholy, humble acceptance and austere control, he will have to stop for an instant the flow becoming to recover a temporal and natural sense of living in the world.


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